In this presentation, we discuss the costs of patching industrial devices and vulnerability discoveries on them. We share some customer case studies and what our research team has discovered. 

We then look at the benefits of patching devices, and we show insights from our lab with the vulnerabilities that we discovered.

We then share our conclusions with you, which are all actionable and we provide three (3) excellent tools that will help you with the decision making process if "to patch, workaround or do nothing."

Feel free to print the tools, fill them out and share them with your workers & friends.


“In more than one case, we found that the patch only solved the reported vulnerability and not the fundamental issue in the affected component. A patched component can, therefore, be attacked using a variation of the original attack method, reducing the overall effectiveness of patching.”

Ofer Shaked CTO SCADAfence


Ofer Shaked, Co-Founder & CTO at SCADAfence