SCADAfence provides a full OT security offering as a managed service during the Coronavirus crisis. This enables organizations with limited personnel & budget constraints to seamlessly transition to remote work.


The Problem:

Working remotely means opening networks to external access - that was previously never opened to such access, or had very limited remote access.

In an instant, the exposure of OT networks has increased dramatically:

  • People accessing from home - More remote locations and end-devices.
  • New infrastructures have technical risks - Remote access products in critical networks can be bypassed by cyber attackers that will then gain access to the critical assets
  • Less controlled access - Endpoints that are used in remote access are connected to the internet and can be compromised (or are already compromised), which will give the attackers access to the critical assets - Such as this cyber-attack that we discovered on a remote server.
  • High load on the administration teams - Admin teams are overburdened with many daily and business continuity tasks, adapting their infrastructure to the new remote work situation. This includes redundancy, business continuity of IT services and production processes.

How SCADAfence can help

SCADAfence offers a remotely managed OT security service with very fast onboarding, a service you can operate with a limited budget and personnel. SCADAfence will monitor your network, analyze all of the findings, and contact you only if a specific action item is required.

  • All findings are aggregated to a centralized location on the SCADAfence Security Cloud.


  • The SCADAfence Platform adds an additional layer of security that correlates between the end-users and their activities in the network. SCADAfence also provides your security staff with correlation between their users and their activities while performing remote work.


  • SCADAfence alerts on anomalous or unauthorized actions in the OT network and provides you with the association to the user name, originating workstation and application.


  • The SCADAfence Platform interfaces with other systems in the network to gather and correlate user-traffic activities, and provides activity reports to the security and networking teams. 

Prerequisites for Onboarding the Managed Services

1 - A configuration of a mirroring port or a monitoring tap - for routing data to the SCADAfence sensor.

2 - A physical server or Virtual Machine for installing the SCADAfence Platform.

3 - A remote access connection for installation by the SCADAfence team (if needed).

4 - A HTTP/S connection from the SCADAfence Platform to the SCADAfence OT Security Management Cloud.

Get Managed OT Security While Working Remotely