Managed Services For OT Security


Faster & Better Detection
& Response

Reduce your organization's mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to recovery (MTTR) by working with a team of seasoned veterans who are OT security subject matter experts.


Monitor Improvement
Over Time

In your monthly OT security report, you will have a better understanding of each OT asset in your network while providing you with proper remediation of threats before the vulnerabilities can be exposed.


Automated Asset Inventory

Automates your entire asset inventory with detailed information on all the devices (depending on traffic analyzed) connected to the network.


Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Helps you understand and prioritize IT and OT vulnerabilities & network visibility information within your organization.


Key Benefits

Protect your OT networks from exposed assets for IT/OT connectivity. Identify and detect anomalous behaviors while tracking high-risk events.


Proactive Operational Insights

SCADAfence continuously alerts you of any abnormal behavior or configuration changes that may have an impact on your operation's stability before it actually affects your operations.

Managed Services for OT Security

At SCADAfence, we offer Managed Services for OT security in order to help industrial organizations get OT security with minimal effort. Our OT security experts deliver the expertise and technology that is needed to effectively control OT networks with visibility, risk management and vulnerability detection.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach - our team will work closely together with yours to identify and understand your business goals, networks, and assets. This will allow us to deliver the peace of mind, focus, and consistency that customers expect from managed services. We ensure that you will maintain advanced visibility in your OT networks which will help to effectively communicate and report on your organization's OT security posture.

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Weekly Updates, Monthly Reports

The SCADAfence team will generate and provide you with monthly reports of all the validated findings of OT assets and networks completed during the monthly cycle. The monthly reports will also provide you with vulnerability- related findings, updates of the OT threat landscape, and potential mitigations. Additionally, the team of experts will deliver weekly security status updates on the state of your OT environments and provide mitigation steps for high-risk alerts.

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Advantages of Working with SCADAfence

SCADAfence offers leading industrial cybersecurity products that provide full coverage of OT networks, offering best-in- class network monitoring, asset discovery, visibility, reporting and vulnerability management. Our industrial cybersecurity products enable organizations to operate seamlessly by securing their OT environments.

SCADAfence's managed services for OT security, provides you with a team of experts that will monitor your networks using our security platforms. They will provide you with all the insights and visibility into your OT environments while automating your asset inventory. Most importantly, the team will make sure that your OT environments are kept safe from sophisticated cyber-attackers. Our in-house OT security experts utilize the best OT security technology to gain the most up-to-date industry insights, which helps provide better security alerts and recommendations on how to remediate today's OT vulnerabilities that may impact your environment.

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Managed OT Security You Can Trust

SCADAfence has been at the forefront of OT security and cyber threat intelligence for nearly a decade. Our OT security experts and incident responders are on the frontlines of the most complex industrial breaches worldwide. We have a deep understanding of both existing and emerging threat actors, as well as their rapidly changing security tools and methods.

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